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Take 2...?

Rosiella was confused. The truth? She thought. The truth about what?
She hurried over to where her Grandmother was.

"What is going on Grandmother?" Outside was never dark. The Land of Chatlan was always bright, colorful, and glistened. Rosiella had never wondered why the dark never came, this was just how it always was.

"Rosiella, come sit. Quickly, this is very important, and you must hear every word."

Rosiella had never heard her Grandmother sound like this. She started to become frightened. As she sat down, darkness quickly swept over the room. She could hear a low rumbling in the distance. She looked around the room, and all the books started to fall off their shelves, and picture frames crashed off the walls.

"Grandmother! What's happening?" Rosiella was frantic now. The house was shaking, and everything was dark. So dark, that Rosiella couldn't tell if her eyes were even open.

"Shh, Rosiella. Shh." She heard Grandmothers' voice…

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