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New Years Resolutions

As the year slowly comes to an end, and we find ourselves entranced by the magic of the holidays, my thoughts turn to the new year that is quickly approaching. Christmas is fun, and magical, but for me, I have always enjoyed the New Year.
Not because I ever have crazy plans or anything! I very rarely ever even SEE midnight, and IF I do, I am at home in my pyjamas!! I am a very early bed-goer! But, to me, the New Year is like a cleansing of my soul.. of my life. It is like a blank canvas, ready for the artist to add flecks of colour too, or an empty notebook waiting for a writer to illustrate their thoughts with their impeccable use of words.
A new year is like a new beginning. A fresh start.  For those first few days, it is so fun to see people just conquering life and being so motivated! 
I have never really made a lot of New Years Resolutions. Not because I don`t believe in goal setting, because I definitely do! Mostly because I have such a short attention span, I usually get bored…

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