The Stories the Scars Tell

We all have scars, don`t we? Some maybe can be, or are, hidden beneath clothes. Some maybe we wear as a badge of honour, or it serves as a memory of something awful that we made it out alive. There really isn`t anything one can do to get rid of scars. They are a part of us, and our story.

Sometimes are scars are ridden with shame, or embarrassment. I know I have some of those. Maybe some that are bigger, some that are smaller.

But what I have been really trying to learn is that they are each part of a piece of my life, just as they are yours.
I have spent a lot of my life learning how to hide them, and how to cover them up. Some are from being a child, and many are from adulthood. Life takes a toll on the body, and especially pregnancy.

I don`t know why I have felt embarrassed by pieces of my stories, because that`s all they really are, aren`t they? Little glimpses and memories of where I was, and now where I am.

However you got your scar, it is proof that you were stronger than what t…
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