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Our Sides

While we get defensive at times when other people verbally, or sadly even physically attack, criticize or just plainly belittle us.. do we get defensive when we do this to ourselves?

Is there one side of our mind that breaks us down.. criticizing, comparing, and utilizing any other insecurity we may have to drop in front of our face at a moments notice?

Is the other side the side of our mind that attempts to fight for us? Attempts to stand strong, and even tall, and battle whatever the issue is? Attempts to use it`s positive thoughts and positive power in order to take over the negativity that our mind can be sadly flooded with at times?

If this were the case, and I am certainly not saying it is, I am only pondering… but if it were.. that one particular side has a great advantage over the other don`t you think? For we, above all are our greatest critics are we not? The one side knows you inside and out, and knows your flaws that you feel you have, your insecurities, and your deepest an…

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